A Journey of Discovery

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Hiking Your Own Way at The Lost Waterfalls


Your adventure begins with a 20-30 minute drive along a rolling river, past rare columnar basalt formations, dramatic 300 foot cliffs and a beautiful roadside waterfalls to the most gorgeous hidden gem in Boquete...The Lost Waterfalls. (Click here for detailed directions if you are visiting us by yourself!).

There you will disembark and enjoy a 3-5 hour hike on private land to see some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Panama. We have three waterfalls and you can choose how to arrange your hiking: The first two waterfalls are relative easy to explore, the third one is a little more demanding physically.

You can go through the rainforest to the base of the first two waterfalls where you can swim in crystal clear pools or explore a cave behind the falls. You also might catch sight of howler monkeys, quetzals, sloths or even the elusive tapir.

For the even more adventurous, you can hike through the rainforest to the base of all three waterfalls and also to the tops of the waterfalls for even more spectacular views of the rainforest and the mountains.

You then return to base camp to relax, take in the unbelievable vistas, have a snack and maybe pick some fresh strawberries.

Note:  The way from the parking place up to the cabins is a bit strenuous, but manageable for most people. Please contact us if you have any questions. When there, you can also direct your questions to our  knowledgeable onsite staff.

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